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The new monthly newsletter with insights for professionals for driving smarter healthcare spending and performance....

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  • Networks in Exchanges
  • Editorís Corner
  • Value-Based Care Report From Humana
  • Leading Hospitals to Develop Generic Drug Company
  • Industry Financial Statistics
  • Industry News
  • Business Direction: Hospital Executives
  • Journal Review
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Each twelve-page monthly issue is available in print and electronic formats, and contains multiple features including in-depth articles, journal reviews, industry financial statistics, themed news briefs, plus more.  Subscribers also receive access to the exclusive subscriber only web site with archives of all past issues, supplemental content and more. Detailed information is available at

Every month, readers of HealthSpend News will be able to:
  • Get valuable specific insights, strategies, data and business intelligence to help drive smarter healthcare spending and performance for healthcare organizations.
  • Keep pace with major developments that impact healthcare financial, operational and quality of care performance.
  • Receive practical information that goes beyond the widely-repeated generic material
  • Obtain summarized results from programs that have reduced waste inside the system, created lower costs, and delivered lower expenses to members and buyers
  • Benefit from insights into specific initiatives, resources, tools, and people used to generate positive results
  • Monitor all aspects of cost - both claim payments (the buyer view of costs) as well as internal expenses (costs within the health delivery system)
  • Identify stronger versions of value-based payment that are essential to create affordable programs
  • Save time and energy in monitoring sources that are less visible (including breaking news as conferences occur during the year)


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